You will look fantastic and feel confident

Each service includes a personalized Lookbook with top combinations from your closet or shopping, as well as guidelines for your further style development.

Wardrobe overhaul

Your wardrobe should only contain clothing items that flatter your figure and that are in line with your personal style. We eliminate what no longer serves you, and we style pieces that you did not know how to wear until now. The end result is a wardrobe with more clothing combinations that you will always wear.

The service includes:

  • Wardrobe overhaul and style consulting
  • Personalized lookbook (see example)
Price: 270 € + vat
*the price refers to 2 hours of wardrobe overhaul / each additional hour is charged 60 € + vat.
*the price of the service outside Zagreb increases depending on the distance and travel costs are added

Personal shopper

Shopping experience after which you will no longer want to shop alone. We will develop your personalized style by trying out combinations chosen just for you, and thus save you money on things you will not wear.

The service includes:

  • Shopping with the stylist
  • Personalized lookbook (see example)
Price: 270 € + vat
*the price refers to 2 hours of shopping / each additional hour is charged 60 € + vat.

*Online personal shopper service includes initial consultations and a personalized lookbook with a total of 8 suggested combinations with shopping links.

The price for the online service is 250 € + vat.

Style Evolution

Style evolution provides a superior transformation by combining the service of wardrobe overhaul, personalized shopping and detailed elaboration of your new personal style.

This complete package includes:

  • Wardrobe organization
  • Shopping with the stylist
  • Personalized lookbook (see example)
Price: 460 € + vat
*the price refers to 2 hours of wardrobe overhaul and 2 hours of shopping / each additional hour is charged 60 € + vat.
*the price of the wardrobe organization service outside Zagreb increases depending on the distance and travel costs are added

Online shopping with a stylist

Want to go shopping but from the comfort of your own home? Excessive online offer drives you crazy and takes up too much of your time?

We will create a personalized Lookbook with suggested total looks, according to your goals and budget.

The service includes:

Price: 250 € + vat
* price refers to 8 total looks

Special occasions shopping

A perfect outfit for your private or business trip, important meeting, gala party, wedding…we will take care of choosing the perfect dress-code and find you the perfect look for every occasion.

Price: 100 €/h + vat

Zagreb Shopping Tour

Discover the secrets of Zagreb style with a personal stylist. Plan your trip to Zagreb and add to your itinerary a unique Zagreb shopping experience.

The service includes:

  • Shopping with the stylist
  • Personalized lookbook
Price: 250 € + vat
*the price refers to 2 hours of shopping / each additional hour is charged 60 € + vat.

Shopping trip powered by QUINTESSENTIALLY

Shopping with a stylist powered by Quintessentially is a project we have developed to make shopping available in the biggest fashion capitals like Paris, Milan or any other city of your choice. In addition to our shopping assistance, Quintessentially will provide you a well rounded luxury travel experience.

Quintessentially is the largest global concierge company that meets the needs and desires of its members through a wide range of lifestyle services.

Gift of Style

How to choose a gift for someone who (apparently) has it all? We can help you.

Gift of Style will be the perfect gift and will allow your loved ones to choose the service they need the most.

The minimum amount of gift voucher is 200 € + vat.


The best shopping experience of my life! Tanja and Ana made this experience really enjoyable. They offered great style tips, and their Lookbook is something you have to experience for yourself – you’ll never get stuck in what to wear and how to combine different pieces of clothing. If you want to treat yourself or your partner / friend with a stylized purchase, do not hesitate to get in touch with these two great fashion gurus!


“Honest recommendation! I don’t remember when I enjoyed choosing and buying clothes so much. Ana and Tanja are extremely professional and it was a pleasure to work with them. Given the type of work I do, I needed classic-modern clothes for every day, and of course casual for leisure. With expert advice and suggestions, we chose clothes, shoes, accessories in a very short time. After all, I also got a LOOKBOOK with all the combinations so I no longer have to waste my time in front of the closet thinking about what to wear. I will definitely continue to use their services and I am really looking forward to future cooperation.”


“Great decision!! I bought really great stuff and had a great time. I had no idea how I could combine everything with my clothes and how to take advantage of things that have been in my closet for a long time. Engaging Style & Wings team completely changed the way I dress and taught me what kind of clothes fit me best. Congratulations, great service and fun learning :)”


“What a great and useful experience!” Only from my existing wardrobe, we put together 22 new clothing combinations that would never have occurred to me. Great service and great idea! And we still have to go to shopping together. I cannot wait! I recommend it to anyone who is struggling with what to wear today.”


“The whole service is very professional! The useful and creative ideas of Ana and Tanja refreshed my everyday combinations. And when you think you’ve taken full advantage of every piece of your clothing and footwear there’s someone who sees your wardrobe from a different perspective and can pair and use all long-unworn pieces.!


„I recently had to do a professional photo shooting for my new website. As it is clear to me that clothing is a strong element of non-verbal communication, I asked Ana and Tanja to help me put together the 5 combinations that best communicate my character. They started from my closet. They pulled out a couple of pieces of clothing that stood in that part of the closet I call the waiting room (waiting for me to give it away). The combinations they put together were like the ones from Pinterest. And if some good piece didn’t have the match, the girls took me to shopping to complete the combination. And then they spent the whole day taking photos with me and made sure that each combination looked good in the photo as well. In addition, they encouraged me to try and develop my own style, because I know that I can always call for help if I get stuck. You can buy someone’s time, but you can’t buy the will and enthusiasm. This is what Ana and Tanja give along with their service. "


“One of the better decisions I made for myself is the decision to cooperate with Ana and Tanja. Apart from being extremely professional, they are very approachable, they really listened to all my wishes and needs and respected them. We also had a great time shopping, but the most important thing is that I walk around happier, I have more self-confidence, I feel beautiful, feminine, and yet totally authentic in all the combinations we have put together. I am very happy and I can’t wait for winter to come so we can do it all again! Girls, you will never get rid of me, neither me nor my closet! 100% recommendation.”


Loyalty club

Remember us saying you will no longer want to go shopping or style your clothes alone once you’ve experienced it with us?
Contact us to learn more about benefits provided by the loyalty club.


buy impulsively


buy new clothes every two months


do not know how to get rid of excess clothes in the closet


have too much clothes in the closet, but still say they have nothing to wear

*internally conducted research (n=205)